Welcome to iBrainy Schools

IBRAINY SCHOOLS is a school born out of passion and love for children, child caring, and child’s education. The school is centred in making a difference in education, and to Provide a high quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all.

Our school environment is clean and unique, with a well-situated garden and  playgrounds. We have comfortable classrooms, computer laboratory, libraries, sickbay, clean toilets for all sections, well-furnished offices, a school hall and an art display mini museum. Both our teaching and non-teaching staffs are all professionals in their respective fields. We also give extra hours to some of our pupils and visiting callers who need special attention.

All our staff are well trained, notwithstanding, we run special training and workshop for every staff on a regular basis. We have a brand, a very competitive brand. We’re not ready to lose. As we grow and expand, we will keep restructuring and fashioning this brand so we will always maintain the uniqueness of our services.